Salim Khan
Full Name Salim Khan
Nick Name Unknown
Aka Saleem
Family Nasir Khan (Son)
Hasan Khan (Son)
Safar Khan (wife)
Residence Unknown
Physical Info
Race Pakistani
Gender Male
hair Color Black with a shade of silver
Eye Color Brown
occupation Taxi Driver
organization Unknown
Position Tariq (Partner)
Yusuf (Partner)
Portrayed By Peyman Moaadi
nationality Iranian-American
Famous for Camp X-Ray
Episode Guide
First appeared Part 1 The beach
Last Appearence Part 8 The Call of the Wild
Episode Count 8

  Salim Khan is a character from The Night Of and is played by Peyman Moaadi.


Naz's father and a New York City cab driver. [1]


  1. HBO The Night Of Cast

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