It's confounding to Naz, but what his lawyer, John Stone, is trying to explain to the young man accused of murder is that in criminal cases guilt or innocence is a matter of interpretation of the evidence.[1]

Synopsis Edit

Stone continues to tell Naz to stop telling him "the truth" of what happened and to keep quiet. returns to the crime scene to gather more evidence. He has Don Taylor, Andrea Cornish's stepfather, come in and identify the body, which Taylor does reluctantly. Det. Box questions him to get any possible information. Naz is visited by his parents in the precinct, and their conversation is recorded. Det. Box talks with Naz again, and when Naz won't make a confession, he charges him with homicide. Naz is then sent to Manhattan Central Booking, next to arraignment court where he pleads not guilty, and finally to Rikers Island to await prosecution.




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  1. The Night Of Episode 2